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Pre sales service


● according to the use of users, to assist the correct choice of generating unit capacity, functions and types;

● according to user sites, supply and installation recommendations room design;

● meet a variety of special design requires the user to provide, in addition to the standard unit, can provide automation, low noise, trailer power station, power station, van automatic parallel units, power distribution equipment, the existing units function upgrading and other professional services.


Random and field service


The random of the entire system to provide complete manual; 

● the user unit installation, provide technical guidance, advice, including installation of electrical connection etc.;

● unit testing and on-site training for the user operation, with the users to do the work unit approval;


After-sale service


● free guide daily maintenance,

● serious difficulties for the user to answer encountered in the use and provide the relevant technical guidance;

● the end user to build computer files, tracking service, regular inspection, life-long warranty;

The quality of user feedback received after the spot, reply or send customer service staff, arrived at the scene as soon as possible, do the user satisfaction.

The company perennial provide authentic spare parts and repair engineer, ready to provide you with technical assistance.

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